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Xoco Review

449 N Clark St
ChicagoIL 60654

South American cuisine and sandwiches…mmmmm.  Xoco (pronounced Cho-Ko) is moderately priced and extremely delicious, not to mention it’s owned by the famous Rick Bayless.  The sandwiches/ tortas are wood grilled and the drinks are amazing.  We recommend you try the cucumber, lemonade and lime drink because it’s very refreshing.

We tried the Mole Poblano (braised pork sandwich) and the Cubana (smoked pork loin and bacon.  Both of them had a great smokey flavor to the meat and bread.

Mole Poblano (spicy and smokey)

Cubana (delicious and not spicy)

Minty Cucumber Lime Drink Thingy

And of course, no trip to Xoco would be complete with a side of churros and some of their famous hot chocolate!  The churros can be ordered with a side of soft serve ice cream.  The Aztec hot chocolate was good, but it contained some spices, so it may not be for everyone.  This is definitely a spot to pig out.

Churros and Soft Serve

Aztec Hot Chocolate

We’ve been here before, but thanks to potatoholic for the suggestion!

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